Yes, you can order pickup/take away order and beat the waiting at restaurant while it is being prepared.
Yes, definitely you can schedule your order at time of your availability and maximum for up to 7 days in advance(in case it is a bulk order for a party!)
Goto "Book a table" tab in apps or website, select your restaurant, enter group size and complete the booking.
Our delivery price is calculated based on distance between restaurant and delivery location.
Our Delivery distance can change and you might see a restaurant delivering to your location for some times of day and you might not see that restaurant delivering to your location at other times. Delivery distance is dynamic. Restaurants which are available to you would be shown in your app.
Some of our partner restaurants give discount in range of 20-30% when you book a table through us. Please confirm applicable discount once you reach the restaurant after making the booking.
Restaurant Menu item prices in our apps/website are upto 60% less than other available delivery services(for same restaurant). Check savings calculator for each menu item while ordering and pay #NoHiddenDeliveryCharges anymore

Did not get answer of your query? contact us at support@deliveryexpress.co.nz

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