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Galaxy Pizza - Papakura



Mumbai Chicken

Succulent chicken marinated overnight in spices and lightly fried – a house specialty

total Cost: $15

Cauliflower Manchurian

The perfect fusion of Indo-Chinese flavours. Pastry-free dumplings made with cauliflower and simmered in a chilli & garlic sauce ( V,DF,GF )

total Cost: $16

Onion bhajees

Light crispy fritters served with tamarind chutney -6 pieces ( GF , DF , V )

total Cost: $6.50

Lamb Chops

Marinated overnight in lime juice, warm dark spices, ginger and garlic (GF)

total Cost: $20

Murgh Tikka

Tender chicken pieces with a tandoor smoky flavour of cumin and coriander (GF)

total Cost: $15

Palak Paneer Tikka

Generous slices of Paneer, halloumi style topped with spinach, tomato and onion then lightly charred ( V,GF )

total Cost: $15

Roasted poppadum

Jeera Poppadum’s served with sweet homemade mango chutney -5 pieces ( V, GF, DF)

total Cost: $8

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice ( V,GF,DF)

total Cost: $4

Boondi Raita

Yoghurt dip with crispy puffs and roasted ground cumin

total Cost: $4

Murgh Makhani

Tender chicken pieces in a rich silk (makhani) sauce with fresh tomatoes and sund ried fenugreek. Best known as Butter Chicken ( GF )

total Cost: $19

Chicken Tikka Masala

Marinated pieces of chargrilled chicken with garlic ginger and aromatic spices ( GF )

total Cost: $19

Chicken Saagwala

Creamy spinach cooked with tomato, whole and ground spices and a hint of garlic. ( GF) DF on request

total Cost: $19.50

Chicken Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with tender chicken pieces, infused with freshly ground spices and garnished with coriander. Served with raita ( GF )

total Cost: $19

Lamb Rogan Josh

Spiced lamb curry simmered with tomato, and a dash of aniseed (GF,DF )

total Cost: $20.50

Lamb Saagwala

Creamy spinach cooked with tomato, whole and ground spices and a hint of garlic. (GF) DF on request

total Cost: $22

Sali Boti

Parsi slow cooked lamb curry with prominent flavours of tomatoes, onion, jaggery and vinegar crowned with beautiful golden potato shreds ( GF,DF )

total Cost: $22

Lamb Bhuna

Pan fried lamb with onion, ginger, garlic, aromatic spices and fresh tomatoes. Semi dry preparation ( GF,DF )

total Cost: $22

Fish Masala

Subtle seafood curry with tangy masala sauce ( GF, DF )

total Cost: $22

Goan Fish Curry

Fish fillets in a coconut and turmeric sauce with tamarind, coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaf tempering ( GF DF )

total Cost: $23

Prawn Malabari

Prawn sautéed in onion, tomatoes, ginger, mustard seeds and curry leaves in tangy coconut sauce ( GF,DF )

total Cost: $23

Prawn Saagwala

Creamy spinach cooked with tomato, whole and ground spices and a hint of garlic. ( GF ) DF on request

total Cost: $23

Palak Paneer

Fresh paneer tempered with cumin seed and cooked with tomato and fresh creamy spinach ( GF )

total Cost: $17.50

Kadhai Paneer

A rich flavorsome curry with crushed tomato, capsicum and green chilies in a thick masala sauce (GF)

total Cost: $17

Mattar Paneer

Fresh paneer cooked with juicy baby peas in a masala sauce, garnished with fresh coriander ( GF )

total Cost: $17.50

Diwani Handi

A homestyle vegetable dish cooked in a wide cooking pot called Handi. Beans, spinach, broccoli, mushroom and carrot tossed together with ginger, garlic and aromatic spices. ( GF ). VEGAN ON REQUEST

total Cost: $16

House Dal

Lentils tempered with cumin seed, onion, garlic & green chilies. ( GF ) VEGAN ON REQUEST

total Cost: $15.50

Vegetable Makhani

Mixed vegetables cooked in rich & dreamy masala sauce with fresh tomatoes, cashew nuts and coconut cream ( VEGAN)

total Cost: $18

Corn Palak

Juicy corn cooked with spinach gravy, fresh tomatoes and aromatic spices ( GF) VEGAN

total Cost: $16.50

Aloo Gobhi

Wok steamed cauliflower and potato tempered with cumin seeds in a masala sauce (GF) VEGAN

total Cost: $16

Chana Masala

Chickpeas soaked overnight, cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and green chili ( GF) VEGAN

total Cost: $16.50

Butter Naan

Freshly baked in the tandoor and lightly buttered

total Cost: $3.50

Garlic Naan

Leavened bread with a sprinkling of crushed garlic

total Cost: $4

Tandoori Roti

Unleavened wholemeal bread

total Cost: $3.50

Onion and coriander kulcha

Wheat leavened bread topped with onion and coriander and baked in the tandoor

total Cost: $5

Cheese and garlic naan

Naan with a stuffing of fresh paneer and topped with a sprinkle of fresh garlic

total Cost: $6.50

Dabba for one

Tiffin special that comprises of Mumbai Chicken, half portion Murgh Makhani, half portion Basmati Rice and 1 naan bread

total Cost: $23

Dabba for family

Tiffin special that comprises of Mumbai Chicken, Murgh Makhani, Rogan Josh, Basmati Rice and 4 Naan breads

total Cost: $55

Vegan Dabba

Tiffin special that comprises of Cauliflower Manchurian, Veg Makhani, House Dal (half portion), Basmati Rice and 2 Roti breads

total Cost: $38.50

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