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Slick Burgers Christchurch

Midnight Toker (Vegan)

Potato & herb rosti, vegan cheese, lettuce greens, housmade guacamole, sliced gherkin, tomato, vegan aioli, sweet tomato relish.

total Cost: $16

Half baked Vegan

Potato & hash pattie, caramalized pear, caramalized onion, roasted almonds, vegan mozzerella, roasted red pepper & finished with garlic aioli.

total Cost: $16

The Lung splitter

Double beef, double cheese, double bacon, hash, onion rings, grilled pineapple, lettuce greens, diced jalapenos, sliced gherkins, and finished with garlic aioli, tomato relish, american mustard & ketchup.

total Cost: $22

Dazed & Confused

Grilled chicken breast, chilli beans, double cheese, caramalized onion, jalapeno corn chips, housemade guacamole, diced jalapeno, lettuce greens, sweet chilli, sour cream & garlic aioli.

total Cost: $16

The Carl's Sr

Grilled beef pattie, chunky brie cheese, double bacon, julienne beetroot, lettuce greens, sliced gherkin, cranberry jam & finished with garlic aioli.

total Cost: $15

The 420

A house favorite... The 420 stack contains - 2 x prime NZ patties, crispy bacon, 2 x cheddar cheese, gherkin, beetroot, jalapenos, fried egg, "hash", lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce & mayo.

total Cost: $16

K-Fry Killah

Grilled chicken breast, double cheese, crumbed onion rings, lettuce greens, sliced cucumber, sliced gherkin, house made guacamole and finished with garlic aioli.

total Cost: $15

Mexican Haze

Housemade beef pattie, double cheese, mild chilli beans, housemade guacamole, cheesey corn chips, sour cream, sweet chilli, jalapenos, lettuce greens & finished with a garlic aioli.

total Cost: $15

Gill Clinton

Panko crumbed NZ Hoki, lettuce greens, sliced tomato, diced red onion, sliced colby cheese, fresh lemon squeeze & finished with tartare sauce and garlic aioli.

total Cost: $14

The G-Max

Grilled Chicken Breast - colby cheese, red onion, sliced beetroot, sliced tomato & finished with mayonnaise.

total Cost: $14

King Keef

Grilled chicken breast, double bacon, double cheese, double hash, lettuce greens, diced red onion, sliced beets, sliced gherkin and finished with gsrlic aioli & smokey bbq sauce.

total Cost: $15

Pineapple Express

Grilled Chicken breast, streaky bacon, grilled pineapple, double Swiss cheese, shrooms, avocado, gherkin, lettuce, tomato - finished with mayo & honey mustard.

total Cost: $15

Maui Wowee

Grilled Chicken breast, streaky bacon, spiced apricot sauce, toasted pinenuts, double cheese, cream cheese, stacked lettuce greens & finished with garlic aioli.

total Cost: $15

The Cranny

Grilled chicken breast, topped with creamy brie, lettuce greens, cream cheese, cranberry sauce and finished with garlic aioli. ​

total Cost: $13

The Nek Minit

Beef pattie topped with caramelized onion, flame grilled peppers, shrooms, cheese, lettuce greens, garlic aioli & american mustard.

total Cost: $14


Housemade pattie with lashings of streaky bacon, lettuce greens, tomato & finished with sweet tomato relish and honey mustard.

total Cost: $12

Popo 5.0

2x Beef pattie , 4 x Cheese, 6 x streaky bacon lettuce greens, tomato, honey mustard & sweet tomato relish.

total Cost: $18

Shred Feast

Grilled chicken breast, shredded mozzarella, shredded salami, shredded lettuce, shredded almond slaw, hand sliced gherkin, jalapenos and finished with chilli mayo.

total Cost: $14

The Stoners Revenge

A house favorite.......This beast contains, House made beef pattie, grilled pineapple, flame grilled red pepper, shrooms, beer battered onion rings, lettuce greens, sliced tomato & finished with mayonnaise & american mustard.

total Cost: $14


Grilled beef pattie, double cheese, jalapeno cheese poppers, streaky bacon, lettuce greens, sliced tomato, sliced gherkin, house made gauc & finished with garlic aioli and sweet tomato relish.

total Cost: $15

The Kelso

Grilled beef pattie, grilled pineapple, cheese, grilled egg, shoestring fries, lettuce greens, sliced tomato, sliced gherkin & finished with smokey bbq sauce & mayo.

total Cost: $15

The Lady Boy

Satay beef, sliced Parmesan, grilled red pepper, shrooms, lettuce greens, jalapenos, sliced gherkin, diced red onion and finished with garlic aioli. ​

total Cost: $15

Prince Vegetarian

This cute wee number can be made vegan & g/f if required. Falafel patties, lettuce greens, smashed avocado, sliced tomato, almond slaw, tzatziki yoghurt sauce, lime juice & garlic aioli.

total Cost: $12

Pull ya self

House made NZ Pork pulled to perfection, grilled pineapple, lettuce greens, slaw, jalapenos, gherkin & finished with garlic aioli & smoky BBQ sauce.

total Cost: $16

El Wedgo

One of our famous B.0.W's : "The El-Wedgo" House made beef pattie topped with caramelized onion, colby cheese, streaky bacon, seasoned potato wedges finished with sweet chili - sour cream & garlic aioli.

total Cost: $16


Grilled Beef pattie, mi goreng noods, Double bacon, Double cheese. lettuce greens, sliced tomato, jalapenos, sliced gherkin & finished with Malaysian satay & garlic aioli.

total Cost: $17

Baby Chezus

Grilled beef pattie, Brie Cheese, Parmesan cheese, Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, Diced jalapeno, long sliced gherkin, Garlic aioli, American mustard

total Cost: $16

Prickly Pear Salad

Grilled chicken breast, caramalized pear, cow feta, sliced almonds, sliced cucumber, lettuce greens bound with balsamic vinaigrette,

total Cost: $16

Onion Rings *6

beer battered onion rings

total Cost: $5

Potato Wedges

seasoned potato wedges

total Cost: $9

Corn Nuggs * 10

Corn nuggets

total Cost: $8

Kumara wedges

kumara wedges

total Cost: $9

French Fries

French fries

total Cost: $4

Housemade Beef Pattie

beef pattie

total Cost: $6

Mini Donuts

mini donut, select sauce from options, default sauce - chocolate

total Cost: $10

New York Baked Brownie


total Cost: $4.50

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