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Two Fat Indians

Galaxy Pizza - Papakura

Two Fat Indians


Onion Bhaji(G, V, Vegan)

Crispy onion fritters with spicy chickpea flour batter, served with tamarind and date chutney.

total Cost: $8

Breads and dips

Three scrumptious tandoor grilled breads served with generous portions of multiple chutneys, salsa, pickles and small flavoursome morsels to kick start your dining experience.

total Cost: $19

Two Fats Platter

Taste the best of the kebabs we have on offer. All grilled to perfection in the tandoor and served with pickles and some chutneys. Get ready to dig in and enjoy yourself with some awesome texture’s flavours and aromas.

total Cost: $50

Butter Chicken(G)

A dazzling dish from old Delhi, smothered with cream, tomatoes and butter.

total Cost: $19.90

Chicken sector 17(D)

A tangy chicken delicacy from the eating hub of Chandigarh, Punjab.

total Cost: $19.90

Worli Tribe Chicken(G)

The Worli are an aboriginal tribe settled outside Thana district of Bombay. This wholesome dish cooked with lots of spinach, along with some fragrant spices is for anyone who desires some yumminess in their lives.

total Cost: $19.90

Chicken Yakkhan

Creamy chicken cooked on slow fire with hung yoghurt,mint, nuts, and Mughlai spices best enjoyed with Jeera rice and Amritsari Kulcha.

total Cost: $19.90

Lamb Railway-wala(G,D)

Succulent lamb cooked with digestive spices, potatoes and rich herbs. Our head chef has matched this robust curry with garlic and mozzarella naan and Pilaf rice.

total Cost: $19.90

Lamb La-jawb(G,D)

A step above the old rogan josh !! Perfected on the streets of Hyderabad where it is cooked with fenugreek leaves, green chillies and hot spices.

total Cost: $19.90

Fish Molee (G, D)

Firm fish fillets are cooked with coconut, tamarind and jaggery. Enjoyed with Lemon Rice and Butter Naan.

total Cost: $21.50

Prawn Pathia (G)

This delicacy is from Colaba region of Mumbai and has distinct sweet n sour flavour.

total Cost: $21.50

JackFruit Masala (G, D, V)

When in season Jack fruit is savoured in southern states of India and in West Bengal . This is a Keralite version and is created using hot spices and turmeric.

total Cost: $18

Gunpowder Aloo (G, D, V)

Gourmet potatoes are tossed in tomatoes, ginger, garlic and hot spices along with some Curry leaves and then smothered with this hot spice mix called rightly as gunpowder!

total Cost: $18

Paneer Akbari (G, V)

Created in the kitchens of Royal Prince Akbar and perfected on the streets of Agra. We promise to deliver you a fragrant rich curry.

total Cost: $19.90

Palak Kofta (G, V)

Spinach dumplings cooked with tomatoes, onions and pureed spinach sauce.

total Cost: $19.90

Kadhai Paneer (G, V)

Freshly made paneer cooked with warm spices, capsicum and tomatoes. A typical dish available on GT Road national highway.

total Cost: $22

Lamb Biryani (G, D)

Absolute beauty from Lucknow! Fragrant rice cooked with a lamb shank loaded with spices and herb.

total Cost: $23

Nizam Chicken Biryani (G, D)

Chicken marinated with herbs, spices and yoghurt is cooked on a slow heat in a pot with Basmati rice.

total Cost: $22.50

Jack Fruit Dum Biryani (G, D, V)

Virtual heaven for vegetarians and vegans. Slow cooked jackfruit with Mughali spices

total Cost: $22.50

Garlic & Mozzarella Naan

Freshly crushed garlic mixed with mozzarella cheese and spices.

total Cost: $6

Chicken Tikka Naan

Herbs spices and diced Chicken tikka.

total Cost: $6

Garlic Naan

Naan bread sprinkled with pink salt and crushed garlic

total Cost: $5

Amritsari Kulcha

Mashed potato mixed with herbs and spices.

total Cost: $5

Tandoori Roti

Wholemeal bread.

total Cost: $4

Butter Naan

Naan sprinkled with onion seeds

total Cost: $4

ChickPea Roti

chick pea roti

total Cost: $4.50

Lemon Rice ( G, D, V)

Mustard seeds tampered rice cooked with tomatoes, spices, and herbs.

total Cost: $5

Tamarind Rice (G, D, V)

Brown onions, nuts, ginger, and garlic flavoured rice.

total Cost: $5

Pilaf Rice (G, D, V)

Green peas, fresh coriander, tomatoes, and spice flavoured rice.

total Cost: $5

Kashmiri Rice ( G, D, V)

Dates, sultans, cashews and coconut flavoured rice.

total Cost: $5

Basmati Rice (G, D, V)

top quality rice

total Cost: $3

Jeera Rice (G, D, V)

Rice, cumin, brown onion flavoured rice.

total Cost: $5


Indian Rice puddingm..

total Cost: $9.90

Kashmiri Banoo Chicken

These chicken kebabs are as delicate as they come.

total Cost: $15

Lamb Galouti kebab

Sometimes they are called “laat sahib” kebabs as they take some real effort to make.

total Cost: $16

Rajasthani Wings

Large chicken wings marinated overnight and cooked in hot tandoor. Crispy from outside and soft and juicy inside.

total Cost: $14

Sherpa Chicken

Delicately spiced and served with tangy garlic sauce.

total Cost: $14

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