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RT Classic Indian

Vegetable Samosa(2 pcs)

deep fried savoury

total Cost: $4.90

Onion Bhaji(5 pcs)

Onion bhaji

total Cost: $4.90

Vegetable pakora(5 pcs)

deep fried pakoras

total Cost: $4.90

Sheek kebab


total Cost: $11.30

Garlic Prawns

prawns cooked in tandoor

total Cost: $15.90

Mixed platter for two

2 pieces each of chicken tikka, seekh kebab, onion bhaji, samosa and pakoras

total Cost: $14.90

Tandoori Chicken - Half

roasted in tandoor

total Cost: $12.30

Tandoori Chicken - Full

full portion of tandoori chicken

total Cost: $19

Chicken Tikka(6 pcs)

lightly spiced char grill in tandoor

total Cost: $10.90

Butter Chicken

boneless chicken cooked in butter

total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Korma

chicken cooked in cream and yogurt sauce

total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Tikka Masala


total Cost: $14.50

Kadai Chicken


total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Jhalfrezee

chicken curry with vegetables

total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Do Pyaza

Marinated chicken cooked in spices, kasoori methi

total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Madras

Chicken Madras

total Cost: $14.50

Bhuna Chicken

cooked with onions and tomatoes

total Cost: $14.50

Methi Chicken

Bonelass chicken cooked with onions, garam masala

total Cost: $14.50

Chicken Saagwala

Chicken and spinach

total Cost: $14.50

Mango Chicken

mango chicken

total Cost: $14.50

Rogan Josh

Tender boneless lamb pieces delicately cooked in traditional Mughalai style.

total Cost: $15.50

Lamb balti

Very authentically prepared with natural spices and herbs.

total Cost: $15.50

Lamb Madras

Lamb cooked in bit spicy coconut creamy sauce and flavoured with bay leaves.

total Cost: $15.50

Lamb Vindaloo

Hot and spicy lamb curry in a very special Vindaloo sauce.

total Cost: $15.50

Lamb Korma

Delicious, creamy and mild lamb curry.

total Cost: $15.50

Lamb Saagwala

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in spinach and exotic spices

total Cost: $15.50

Fish Madras

Fish pieces cooked in coconut cream sauce with green chillies and bay leaves

total Cost: $15.50

Fish Masala

Fish Fillets cooked and simmered in tomato and onion sauce enriched with our chefs special spices.

total Cost: $15.50

Prawn tikka masala

Succulent prawns gently cooked in a true North-Indian style with fresh onion and coriander.

total Cost: $16.99

Prawn Malabari

Prawns cooked with capsicum, onion, fresh tomatoes and coconut milk in a mild curry.

total Cost: $16.99

Butter Prawns

Prawns cooked in butter sauce.

total Cost: $16.99

Daal Makhani

Mixed pulses cooked on slow fire mixed with coriander and ginger.

total Cost: $13.99

Daal Tadka

Red lentils on a slow fire, finished with garlic, ginger, tomato and coriander.

total Cost: $13.99

Aloo Gobhi

Cauliflower and potato sautéed in our selected spices.

total Cost: $13.99

Chick pea curry

Chickpea are simmered in flagrantly spiced curry sauce mixture and garnished with fresh coriander.

total Cost: $13.99

Palak Paneer

Cubes of homemade cheese cooked delicately with creamed spinach in selected spices.

total Cost: $14.50

Vegetable Korma

Mixed fresh cheese cooked into thick creamy and spicy gravy.

total Cost: $14.50

Shahi Paneer

Indian fresh cheese cooked into thick creamy and spicy gravy.

total Cost: $14.50

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Mix vegetable cooked in tomato and onion gravy.

total Cost: $14.50

Malai kofta

Fried dumpling like balls made of cottage cheese, potatoes and spices in creamy gravy with crushed cashews.

total Cost: $14.50

Matar Paneer

onion, garlic, ginger and tomato curry with paneer pieces and peas in it

total Cost: $14.50

Plain Naan

naan bread

total Cost: $2.50

Butter naan

naan topped with butter

total Cost: $2.60

Garlic Naan

naan topped with crushed garlic

total Cost: $3.40

Onion Kulcha

naan stuffed with onion

total Cost: $4.90

Cheese Naan

cheese naan

total Cost: $4.50

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