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Arjee Bhajee(Riccarton)

Chicken Makhani

tender marinated chicken, simmered in sublime masala sauce - chefs rendition of the world famous butter chicken

total Cost: $10

Kashmiri Chicken

Delicate Creamy Curry - subtle yet sophisticated

total Cost: $10

Lamb Bhutuwa

Full bodied wholesome curry with fresh tomato and mushroom

total Cost: $10

Lamb Vindaloo

Feisty favourite from goa

total Cost: $10

Mis Mas

aromatic style curry with fresh seasonal vegetables

total Cost: $10

Dahl bhat

Lentil staple with fresh spinach and tomato

total Cost: $10

Gurkhali Chicken

Inspirational Nepali curry with capsicum and broccolli - favourite of the gurkha soldier

total Cost: $19.50

Mango Chicken

Dreamy flavoursome favourite - mango with hint of garlic and ginger

total Cost: $19.50

Lamb Saag

simmered spinach masla with tomato and garlic - stunning iron fix

total Cost: $19.50

Pork Kumara & Spinach

Pork ribeye simmered with cumin seeds and bay leaves - rich and decandent

total Cost: $19.50

Calcutta Fish

Fish of the day spice rubbed with lemon juice and garlic ginger, seared with mustard seed and coconut cream

total Cost: $19.50

Paneer Makhani (vegetarian)

Cottage cheese blended with tomato and cream

total Cost: $19.50

Pork Vindaloo

Goan delicacy feisty and furious

total Cost: $19.50

Venison & portobello mushroom

premium denver leg pieces spice rubbed and marinated - fresh fried balti style with portobello and capsicum - to die for!

total Cost: $21.50

Goat Supreme

Tender farmed goat with coconut cream, cardamom, fresh spinach and tomato - rich and velvety south indian creation

total Cost: $21.50

Vanta (Vegetarian)

augergine and kumara - exotic dish from terai region of Nepal

total Cost: $21.50

Prawn & Kumara

east meets west in this sensational seafood creation

total Cost: $21.50

Palak Paneer

Cottage cheese and spinach with garlic flavour

total Cost: $21.50

Chicken Makhani

Tender marinated chicken, simmered in a sublime masala sauce-chefs rendition of the world famous butter chicken

total Cost: $18.50

Vegetable Smosa

mildly spiced garden vegetables in crispy pastry, served with tamarind chutney

total Cost: $4.50

Onion bhaji

divine crispy onion and spinach fritters(6) - so good we named us - served with tamarind chutney

total Cost: $7.50

Mince Stix

mince lamb, cooked on iron stix - classical creation of times

total Cost: $13.50

Chicken Tikka

tender chicken chunks marinated in yogurt and spices

total Cost: $15

Platter for two

vegetable samosas, onion spinach bhajees, chicken tikka and mince stix and selection of yummy dips

total Cost: $20.50

Extra Rice

Basmati - rice of kings

total Cost: $3.50


Indian crisp bread - roasted over tandoor(4)

total Cost: $3.50

Garden Salad

crisp salad mix on a bed of fresh lettuce, served with infamous mango dressing

total Cost: $6.50


Brushed with butter

total Cost: $3.50

Roti (whole meal bread)

traditional whole meal bread

total Cost: $4

Garlic Naan

Brushed with fresh crushed garlic butter

total Cost: $4.50

Peshawari Naan

Dry fruit bread, brushed with butter

total Cost: $5.50

Lamb Mince Naan

lamb mince stuffed bread

total Cost: $5.50

Cottage Cheese Naan

Cottage cheese with delicate spices of flavour

total Cost: $5.50

Cheddar Cheese Naan

cheddar cheese with delicate spices for flavour

total Cost: $5.50

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